Tuesday, February 16, 2010

churches we visited on January trip

Photos of churches we visited during our trip last month, in reversed chronological order - I simply don't have the patience to wrestle with the blog format to get it right. To make better sense of time and place you'll need to scroll all the way down, then up, as you go, e.g., begin with Saint Joseph Cathedral, Buffalo, at the bottom, the first town of our visit. After it we flew down to Orlando, where we "worshipped" at Walt's Church of the Mouse; we drove to and stayed in Key West and attended Mass at Saint Mary Star of the Sea (name same to the one Webster of YIM Catholic attends in New England, apparently). New York City of the last leg of our trip, where we paid visit to both Saint Pat's and of course, Church of Our Savior, both within walking distance (everywhere is within walking distance for New Yorkers).

One of the several altars inside the Church of Our Savior, NYC. Fr. Rutler is often seen speaking next to this statue of Our Lord. Flanking Him are Sts. Therese and Anthony. I didn't take photos of Fr. Rutler either during Mass or our visit.

Interior of Church of Our Savior, New York City

- It was still dark when we arrived for the 7AM Mass. People seemed to be just dropping in on their way to work. Just look at the icons: I'd seen them a hundred times on EWTN, on Christ in the City, hosted by Fr. Rutler.

Saint Patrick's Cathedral, New York City

-a short walk from our hotel. I have one word: awesome.

St. Mary Star of the Sea, Key West

- the only church keeping on its property two roosters, which literally crow along side the bells and chants during the Mass: it all seemed perfectly fitting.

St. Mary Star of the Sea, Key West

The day was January 24, two Knights keeping vigil in front of the Memorial of the Unborn

St. Mary Star of the Sea, Key West

Garden featuring the Lourdes Grotto

St. Mary Star of the Sea, Key West, The Church garden features a walk in the form of a rosary, posts in distance are the Mysteries.

Exterior of St. Mary Star of the Sea, Key West

Interior of Saint Mary Star of the Sea, Key West

- one of the most enchanting churches I've ever visited, with half a dozen French doors on either side open to let fresh ocean breeze mix with incense of the mass.
At dawn: Saint Joseph Cathedral, downtown Buffalo, NY

Literally two-minute walk from our hotel. We attended Sunday Mass there, taking all our foreign visitors with us.


  1. Very nice pictures! I especially like St. Mary Star exterior and grounds.

  2. The church was so charming - not in a bad way. There were all signs of its being a devout parish. Many Spanish-speaking people there.


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