Thursday, June 17, 2010

Feeling mildly depressed, every touch with reality slightly irritating. Could it be -

1. That I need a haircut, about 3 weeks overdue?
2. That I should abort the painting I'm working on?
3. That I should eat more fruits and veggies, and eat them at the time when I should?
4. That I should exercise?
5. That I should have bought those ravishingly cute sandals I saw on eBay?
6. That I shouldn't have read through Rush Limbaugh: An Army of One in two sittings?
7. That I should put on my Indian churidar pajama pants and tunic and go shopping?

Friday, June 11, 2010

Survived 3-day art camp unscathed. The Pre-Kers didn't have me for lunch. There just wasn't enough of them. The older kids seemed to like drawing the best. Seeing and drawing the rubber animals from different points of view kept them constructively frustrated and busy. My goal was accomplished.

Now it's re-grouping time once again - back to painting. I wish I had 30 consecutive days alone shut in a room made of stone and concrete, doing nothing but painting. Then again that comes off like an excuse even to myself.

EWTN is going to show Into Great Silence again, tomorrow, Saturday, 6/12, 8ET. That means when you finish watching it will be about midnight, and keep in mind, the film doesn't have a sound track. The only time you hear human voices is when the monks are in recreation, from a distant snowy mountain slope.

But it is very beautiful. It brings silence to the forefront, and the silence deafens. Another comparable film is Dream of Light (Quince Tree of the Sun) about Spanish painter Antonio Lopez Garcia. Both would be punishment if you silence makes you nervous.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

the prodigal returns

I know, there really ISN'T any excuse for negligence of this magnitude. Yes, I have been busy, but no one can be THAT busy, not an artist anyway, not I can seriously claim to have been anyway. So instead of giving an explanation, I'd simply get on with next paragraph.

Dear blog, here I am, your prodigal owner. I've come back to say that I am sorry for all that unexplained absence and negligence, and to find out if I have anything to say still. I don't know. I'm just gratified to be back where I once again laid eyes on the familiar and beloved blogger names neatly stacked up in the sidebar. Memories of warm friendship and kindred spirit in the shade of the header's green, hand-picked by me, put me in somewhat nostalgic mood.

On a more definitive note, I have started painting again. And for a painter of my rhythm, a long hiatus means a difficult re-start. The first painting is always difficult to kick off and to carry through. The good news is that I've done three so far. I don't know what to think of them yet because I don't want to be bogged down by doubts. I have to keep on moving so the vultures of the Lord of Inspiration Killer would not swoop down on me and snatch me to the shore of Failure and Despair.

Have I said enough to win your sympathy, and forgiveness to follow?