Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Nothing Much

  • Today is International Women's Day. Didn't get a chance to ask my sisters/nieces if they got their 1/2 day off, or a free ticket to a movie. That was what we used to get.
  • Today is also Fat Tuesday. Around here we will be cooking beef stew. Yum x2.
  • That also means tomorrow is Ash Wednesday. I just got done reading in One Hundred Years of Solitude the part when the Buendia boys received ashes which turned out to be indelible. The  permanent ash crosses on their forehead in later years served as targets by their enemies. 
  • The above is no more than a trivia. It has nothing to do with the coming Ash Wednesday when I will join millions (or more?) of mortals to receive the reminder of our mortality, which, even smart phones and Facebook can do nothing about. 
  • This new video by James O'Keefe of his undercover social with a couple of NPR big potatoes is killing me. 

  • Now let's get back to the studio. 

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