Saturday, July 23, 2011

I feel somewhat embarrassed of the early posting. I do not believe any ideology could change the world for the better. I much prefer personal sanctity (another topic altogether). I should have known better that although neither secular nor religious piety makes for personal sanctity, but telling someone, even if it's Thomas Friedman of New York Times, to go f*** himself, is definitely no way to holiness.

So here as a non sequitur to a non sequitur, let me share this delightful account by the one-and-only Max Lindenman at Diary of a Wimpy Catholic, of his encounter with St. Anthony:
Call it a Proustian moment. I remembered prosperity and nice accessories, an uncomplicated life of consumption. Then I remembered St. Joseph. Thinking again on my contacts, not wanting them to remain in situ as relics of an age, I recited:
“Dear St. Anthony,
I beg by the Rood:
Help find my contacts,
Or, baby, I’m screwed.”

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