Friday, August 10, 2012

Speedy Post

We got home from our northernly trip last night. Here's a list of what we accomplished during the trip, in random order and/or degrees of significance:

  • went to the wedding of KDM's niece, who treated around 200 guests to a warm, lavish, roaring good time. KDM was even awarded his personal bottle of his fav whisky.
  • KDM and bros played two-and-a-half rounds of golf, with one half rained out.
  • stayed in a flashy casino, ate two buffets, won $100, lost $130. Net loss: $30.
  • KDM drove about 900miles, I about 500.
  • went to 3 different Sam's Club in 3 days, had tires rotated and balanced, twice, the second round done right by a solicitous, bustling, sweaty, mechanic named Mo. I know our paths will likely never cross again, but I will very likely never forget his face. In my home country folk's reckoning, a chance to behold the countenance of a passerby for just a moment requires a hundred years of karma from the previous life of both the beholder and the beheld.


  1. Explain karma thing, please...and remember who is asking. No big words.

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  3. Well, karma is a Buddhist concept. My acquaintance with it is purely cultural and informal and vague. It's the cause and effect thing, with reference to reincarnation. Supposedly our dealings with other people in this life are a result of our dealings with them in our previous lives. The theology is more complex and deeper than that. Casual encounters are the effect of a shallower karma; marriage is the effect of much longer, deeper karma in the previous lives of the couple, etc... We just like to say that, especially concerning romantic love, whether we really believe reincarnation or not. It's like saying two people are made for each other, destined for each other etc. Sometimes we use it referring to chance encounters with strangers, for warm and fuzzy effect, as our brief dealings with Mo. Have I confused you thoroughly enough? I'm not as fluent in karma as you are in pig latin :)

  4. Oookaaayyy....thanks. I think.

  5. For some reason, the idea of you and KDM in a casino has me in hysterics. Email me back; miss you.


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