Thursday, September 20, 2012

Down Today

Had to miss work today as I'm laid up by an infliction as inelegant as a spider bite. Our open-door policy in country living has caught up to me.

Nasssty, nasssty ssspidersess.

Who do I sound like?

Never saw the sneaky, mean little creature. Three days have passed and the wound has not morphed to resemble the dreadful job by a black widow or brown recluse. There lies my peace of mind,

A beautiful, sunny but coolish morning here. I'm sitting in my PJs, catching up on world news online, smelling the bacon cooking on the stove, listening to the wash machine humming, and the faint sounds of radio wafting out from KDM's workshop. The man is busying himself with building a large outdoor scale for weighing cattle. So far he has been taking cattle to a friend's farm for weighing before shipping them out for sale.

Funny I can feel this much peace even when my body is swollen and covered with rash. Is it the trick of medications?

Still, the nasssty, nasssty, ssspideress.


  1. !!!!! You have my sympathy. How do you know it was a spider, Precioussss?

    I bought spider traps the other day. I can't abide the nasty things, even though they help control nassssty flies.

  2. We know it was spider cuz it's the only biting bug in this part leaves wound like that, yessss, Preciousss. We used to not mind them but we resent them now, yesss, Preciousss.

  3. I hope you are feeling so much better today. But, still...take time to enjoy the smell of bacon cooking and stay in your PJs - relish your Saturday.

  4. Jane, thanks! I am indeed feeling much better. I actually went out to paint for 5 hours and got sunburnt!


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