Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Current Diversion

To spring break with love -

This is the fourth day I've worked on the painting, literally a work in progress.

As you can see, the upper part of the painting is in a rough stage. The tripes in the fabric behind the red box are a toss-up - to keep or not to keep, still a question. My present instinct is to keep, as the upper right hand corner of the painting needs something active, something near-vertical, like the stripes.

I'm already conceiving my next painting. As it is, the spring break will be all too short for starting another work.

Indeed I may spend the rest of the break trying to bring this one into fruition. Someone once said, a painting is never finished, it's given up.

I will post the final stage of the painting when it has been "given up."


  1. I like it! Course, that ain't sayin' anything new since I like all your stuff! :)

  2. How interesting. That upper right does need something.


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