Thursday, July 11, 2013

Random Find

For three days I've been drawing with charcoal. Charcoal everywhere, on my hair, my face, my neck, my tank top and my shorts; charcoal on the floor, over the easel, under my fingernails. 

Hello, charcoal! I've missed you. 

Next to oil, charcoal is my favorite medium.

The artwork I'm sharing below is unrelated to my rekindled enthusiasm for charcoal. I simply came across it on Facebook during lunch break, and wanted to share with you all, knowing at least one of you (you know who you are) is a fellow Albrecht Durer admirer: 


  1. It's me! Me! I'm the other Durer fan! :-D

    I love the owl!

  2. Only Lin can be so expressive - captivating my attention and causing me to click on the blog to read further. Thanks, Lin.

    1. How glad I am to hear from you, Jane! When are you going to visit hometown so we can do lunch? You should visit Crystal Bridges!


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