Thursday, August 1, 2013

I Shop, Therefore I Go On

Yours Truly turned forty-six today. My reply to everyone who wished me happy is that I've been indeed happy for forty-six years.

Life is good. No complaint by me.

I had planned to start a brand new drawing on this day. It didn't pan out. My original ideas bummed out. I spent nearly two hours on a still life arrangement only to work myself into an unhappy (Ah ha! You got me there!) mental pretzel. KDM suggested that we got out of the house, perhaps I'd get inspired away from the ultra familiar.

Off we went.

And I went shopping, in dollar and thrift stores.

Take a look at my catches of the day -



A wreath to call my own!

I've become obsessed with dots. 

Winter isn't all that far away, you know. Just look at the bow, the bow!!

My first purchase of seashells! I wanted to show off the prints and patterns and shapes of the shells but decided to leave them in the original package for the sake of uniformity.

I think it's a candle, but it doesn't matter. I bought it for the radial symmetry, and the transparency, and O that glorious shade of green!

Did I say that I love shadows as much as what casts the shadow? Look for me in the foreground. 

I'm totally sold on the stripes, especially the black ones; as well as the label: 3 BALLS, BALLES - it is unti-superflousness in advertising.

Again, GREEN! And look at the contrast in texture and pattern! 

Oh, not to forget this bonus find:  

The author is from China. I remember reading him long time ago. I'm intrigued by the title and the synopsis, mostly though, I want a taste of the translation.

Open randomly.

This looks good. 

What in the wild wide world ...???
Buoyed by my post-shopping mood, I snapped a shot of one of the countertops, with the camera set on a wrong mode. A little photoshopping teased out this much detail. 

Must the countertops in my life always look this way?? 

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  1. Had I written this post, I would have had to title it "I Go On, Therefore I Shop" Seriously, I hate shopping! It's nothing more than a necessary evil, with clothes shopping at the top of that list! Exceptions would include browsing in bookstores and Hallmark shop. That's not shopping...

    But, I'm glad you had a nice time selecting some lovelies for your birthday.

    I think your photoshopped picture is amazing! And there is nothing wrong with the assortment on the counter - Coors Light, coffee cups, sody-pop, and either chopsticks or drumsticks. :)


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