Monday, November 30, 2009

Hang Day and Chairman Mao

Busy busy busy day! Tomorrow is hang day for my upcoming exhibit - remember? It's opening on Thursday. I wish y'all could see my house - No, I don't wish y'all could see my house. It's an assembly line of sawdust and regular dust, of frames and clamps, of sand paper and spray paint, of nails and screws, of wires and glues, of touchups and decisions, and of more decisions... There are over thirty paintings, with smallest ones measuring 10"x10", largest 30"x40". We're taking them to town tomorrow!

By the way, have y'all been following this "climategate" thing? I've always said that fifty, or a hundred years down in the future, we'll all look back at this and say to ourselves, incredulously,"How did we get duped so badly?" That's what people my parents's generation say to one another now when they look back at their revolutionary zeal to follow and adore Dear Leader Chairman Mao (Oh, yes, adoration. They thanked him, bowed, sometimes danced, before his portrait prior to taking meals in their own house).

Methinks the saddest thing can happen to "nice people" is gulibility.

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