Thursday, April 29, 2010

...of what-not...

Recently stumbled upon the blog the morning oil  Don't remember how I got there. Had something to do with Flannery O'Connor (haha). Through it I came to know several other artsy blogs including THE UPPERCASE, filled with plug-ins about exquisite things from the graphic art world, eye candies abound.

Not much going on around here. I'm back teaching the 2nd graders this week. We're learning to draw and paint animals from life. No, we don't have real animals in the classroom, although that would have been  preferred. We use the vinyl versions which you can buy from school-supply merchants. I'm focusing on their learning to see objects in three-dimensional space, from different points of view. It's a bit hard for that age, but with patience and finesse, you can get the points across. They struggle and panic a bit, but anxious to "get it right."

I am a firm believer in learning through repetition. Of course educators more "progressive" than I have rather dissed repetition in learning, but as I have little respect for "progressiveness," I positively revel in my reactionary (or wayward?) pedagogy.

Yesterday I gave a lesson on texture and how to use brush and paint to create the illusion of the same. I will take photos of some of their drawings and post them later.

Gotta run. 2nd graders awaiting me. We'll start a jungle painting putting to use what we have been learning last few days: animal form, points of view, texture, brushwork...

p.s....OMG!! I just noticed that Blogger's new editor now has spell-checker on it!!! Makes me want to pop a champagne!

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