Friday, August 27, 2010

Drive-by Noting

  • After more than a decade of painting, I'm properly falling in love with it. Just now. Yeah, I know, it's unbelievable.
  • What would I do if I didn't have the Friday morning Happy Hour? Are there any words to describe what it is like to be in the One and True Presence?
  • I heard His whisper this morning.
  • In between sessions of frantic painting, I managed to see a couple of Robert Duvall movies. Apostle, absolutely unforgettable,and the first two parts of Lonesome Dove. I think I'm having a crush on the old guy.
  • Gotta paint flowers. Nothing quite like flowers to get me going. Flowers send trembles to my hand, the one holding the brush.
  • I like many artists, respect many, am trigued by some. My lists include the likes of Andy Warhol (not Salvador Dali, no Ma'am, no Sir.) But those who touch me, in a deep, wordless sense, are few, very few. Among these are Giorgio Morandi. Fairfield Porter and Josef Albers are also firmly seated; the younger Sean Scully understands resistance and mystery, a Romantic seeking structure, like myself. What these people have in common, beside their mastery of the craft, is a hidden, hardly noticeable sense of humility, a tacit cognizance of The Other.
  • If I may say I have favorites among the Gospel stories, no doubt the one of the meeting of Jesus and Nathanael tops them all. The whole thing reads like a belle weather, a bliss (very bad analogies but ones I could think of in a pinch). No one talks like Jesus. What He says about Nathanael flattens the notions of Jesus as a human preacher, a social worker, a liberal, even a private and personal shrink. His is the voice of the Rabbi, the Teacher, the Master, the Author, and the Lord. My Lord.
  • Besides, whenever I come to the passage, I can never help the feeling that, the Lord is really talking about KDM, my husband. "There is no duplicity in him." Dead on.

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