Monday, August 30, 2010

popping in

The show is opening in just 3 days. Tomorrow we are driving up to F town to hang the paintings. There is just so much going on in my current life, inside and out. I think me and painting have entered into a new and potentially explosive relationship which I find hard to put in words at present.

Tomorrow is also KDM's birthday and we're going to have a little party for him on Friday. So right now I'm doing what I have neglected doing for weeks and weeks: housekeeping. I admit this is neither my hobby nor forte. I do it because, in Pioneer Woman's words, I have issues. I have an inferiority complex in all things practical and domestic. That reality came to me in various forms and circumstances as late as in my thirties, and I have been over-correcting ever since. But, that is just another long story which I won't get into. When I say "over-correcting," that does not mean that I became diligent and adept in these things, it means an agonizing, guilt-ridden kind of self-denial. And, I won't get into that either, not just yet.

So, if you would pardon me, I'm getting back to the chores so when folks turn up for the little party, they will have an easier time finding place to set their foot.

Oh, by the way, I watched Part III and IV of Lonesome Dove yesterday. I think I love Westerns. Robert Duvall rocks. Next on my movie roster is Therese. I went in the movie store looking for Tender Mercies (starring, ahem, Robert Duvall) under T, saw Therese in stead.

And it's raining! It's raining!!


  1. Have a great show! Happy birthday to your KDM. Been there, done that, doing that about the agonizing, guilt-ridden stuff. Westerns rule!

  2. You are one of a kind. And that's a great compliment!! Love all you write and do... Happy Birthday to Ken. I like westerns, too.


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