Wednesday, January 19, 2011

the New True Grit

We went to see the new True Grit last week, and were not disappointed. Jeff Bridges does a marvelous job in his role as Rooster Cogburn. Even Matt Damon is convincing as Texas Ranger, LaBoeuf. I compare the performances with the older version of the film. I'd always thought the scene in which LaBoeuf spanks the 14-year old Mattie Ross was meant to provoke laughter (even other unsavory associations particular to the American consciousness) in the older one. In the new one, Matt Damon's fury over the brat's impudence and disrespect for authority embodied in the two law enforcement officers makes the spanking credible. And Rooster's intervention is all the more believable as it appears to all that the Ranger could seriously hurt the girl. 

More to come.


    1. You always say, 'more to come' but then there is never any more coming! Do try not to disappoint me again:)

      I'm with you on True Grit - loved it! Love them both, really; it was good not to be underwhelmed in the remake.

    2. Hehe. It's that same old enemy: Sloth. I'll try muster up some grit and be more enterprising. Have you read the True Grit book yet? You'll love it too!


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