Sunday, January 1, 2012

Work Completed

I posted the work-in-progress of this painting a while back. Well, it's been done and over. Last night I remembered to post the final version, only found out that I had not taken a photo of it. So here it is, on the first day of the year.

Some may notice changes between the two versions. But if one appears warmer in tone it was only caused by the lighting at times of photographing. The real change is in the composition. I had to "bend" things a bit, so to speak.

The painting itself is destined to be a gift to an elderly acquaintance of mine, who over the short period I've known her has shown me kindness and graciousness I have done nothing to earn.

Like most everything else with this blog, the timing is purely coincidental. There's no symbolic meaning for its presentation; it has nothing to do with resolutions.

Nor do I make resolutions any more. I'm learning to let things be, eat my daily bread, and trust all will be well.

Out here in my quarters things are plum quiet, plain, non-dramatic.

I'm getting rather intrigued by things plain and non-dramatic. There's a bottomless sense of mystery to things plain and non-dramatic.

All you need is to look at the Eucharist.

So with this painting let me wish you a plain, non-dramatic Happy New Year.

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