Wednesday, April 18, 2012

First Hours

It is 8:30 AM.

  • I have said my morning prayers
  • done my morning stretching
  • greeted four dogs at the door
  • serenaded by the summer tanager from the summit of an oak tree: one scarlet among clouds of green, is he the same sojourner from last year?
  • drunk one cup of coffee
  • eaten two slices of toasts
  • read one paragraph of Chesterton (the one on the first man who ever rode a horse)
  • interrupted by the urge to blog my peppiness while changing bedsheets
  • distracted by thoughts of what sorts of painting I would do today
  • had conflicting visions of my wardrobe: should I start buying larger sizes, or lose weight and return to normal? 
  • realized that, at this rate of progression of spirit, my day would be a series of regression
  • decided to interrupt the interruption and return to changing bed sheets.
  • Good Day, all!

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