Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Notes on an Ordinary Day

I got a call from KDM while in class today. He was in town running errands, and knowing it was nearing the end of the work day, he wanted to know if I would meet somewhere for a drink. I counter-propsed a dinner somewhere and met with a whole-hearted approval. I hang up the phone, winked at my students, announcing that I just fixed myself a date for the evening.

Dinning in town proved to be a profitable idea. Besides getting to sample a new restaurant, I'm using the regular cooking time for something I was planning to do tomorrow. Tomorrow was going to be a busy day: making hot cross buns in the morning, an appointment in town at noon, RCIA by 7.

I am making hot cross buns. Last year hot cross buns were served only after Easter because I couldn't manage it by Good Friday - having to do with the fear for the two ingredients: yeast and egg white. Since then I've overcome the fear for using yeast. But egg white? I still don't like it. The idea of separating the yellow from the white strikes me as unfair and violent.

Still don't like it, but making myself do it.

This means that I could use the morning for something like painting.

Speaking of painting, here are two recent ones. I have a small class in the morning which easily allows me to sit down and paint with the students. These two are one-session studies from models.

"Ally", oil on canvas, 8"x10"

Head Study, oil on canvas, 8"x10"

I'm also doing a series of copy work from the 19th century American painter Thomas Cole, one of the leaders of a group of painters known as the Hudson River School, a group I paid the least attention to while studying art history, leaving a gaping hole in my knowledge in that discipline. I hope to make up some by way of "conversing" with the old master through the copy work. Once I have photos of these reproductions, I'll post them here to illustrate the idea.

It's the Holy Week. I solute and hold all of you and your intentions in my prayers. Peace to all.

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