Thursday, December 17, 2009


Just so you know, I'm kinda taking it easy with blogging. My shoulder and back have been hurting lately and this sittin' and typin' and thinkin' stuff is kinda getting to me. I still slip in here, however, when I get a minute, to check on my buddies (you know that I've been at your door :)) and would share my earth-shattering opinion in the comment section where I see fit.

A brief update -

I finally saw Charlotte's Web the movie, on VHS, with Debbie Reynold (sp? too lazy/hurt to look it up; edit later) as Charlotte, just to give you an idea how old it is. Oh the part when Charlotte began her magical web!! I felt like four and silently cheered, "O Weeeeave, Charlotte, Weeeeave!"

How lucky is Wilbur. If Wilbur buys lottery he'd win every time. I know in real life folks like that.

I received the box set of E. B. White's books including Charlotte's Web, Stuart Little and The Trumpet of the Swan, which I ordered for a child for Christmas. The box came shrink-wrapped. I wanted to open it and read the two I haven't read yet. KDM stopped me, wisely. Although I still don't see any harm it would do: the child would never know the box came shrink-wrapped. Or, would she?

Arrived with the children's books was a little treat to myself: Eats, Shoots & Leaves by Lynne Truss. Some wisewoman, upon reading my blog post on The Elements of Style, recommended it to me. The cover alone cracks me up: Why o why, does it have to be a panda?? An upright panda, mind you, gun in hand (or paw?), exiting a cafe (the book cover, really). "I'm a panda. Look it up." (Now I'm nervous about whether that period, uh, full-stop, was supposed to be inside the quotation marks.)

Have we not enough neurosis without all this? Wisewoman, it'll be all your fault, if I develop a paralysis over punctuation.

The things we do to ourselves. Sigh.

Night, fellow crawlers.


  1. Izy, Izy, Izy...if that is me you are referring to, well, welcome to the club! :-) I stress over punctuation all the time, but whut rilly gits me iz speling misteaks.

    Maybe I should write a book about that.

  2. Them speling misteaks gits me to! But I sink we can all teake it izy until apter Christmas. We shoot all git sirous apter dat.

    shhhh...better not let your B&C and the brown karate kid see us do this, lest we lose their respect.

    BTW,if you write that book, remind me to encourage you, then thank me in the introduction, that is, if it becomes a "run-away." :-)

  3. o, you know I meant to write "brown-belt karate" there.


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