Monday, December 7, 2009

Tracking Down Sally Thomas

I noticed that Sally Thomas of the Icons and Curiosities blog on First Things disappeared a while ago. I made a mental note that I would track her down some day. And today I done did it! I even located a post in which she discussed her and others's conflicted feelings about blogging. Such introspection could not have been unique: within a period of a couple of months I'd seen it discussed on FT, expressed by Webster Bull, by Jan, not to mention flip-and-tossed over internally by myself (and I'm but a yellow-lipped birdie at this enterprise!), now in veteran Sally.

There might be something to it. We would understand ourselves better if we sit back, look at it for what it really is. One thing I want to avoid is undue embarrassment or guilt which may trap us in scrupulosity.

Another internal debate incessantly occupying me has a striking parallel to the "To blog or not to blog" question. It has to do with the function of art: "To teach or not to teach." More on that later.

I think Sally's piece would help us too.



  1. To teach or not to teach - yes, indeed, teach! Although it seems to be a minor part of my own blog, the whole point of it was to teach basic Catholicism, so I'm taking baby-steps in that direction.

    I would love to hear what you have to say about art - at least one child of mine is quite talented and would probably benefit also!

  2. Thanks very much for tracking me down! I hope you'll come and visit often.

    Lovely blog you have here as well.


  3. Wow!!! How is that Sally Thomas should pay a visit to my humble corner! I'd never expected that. I missed you on FT. I hope you continue to write for its paper version -I have a 2-yr subscription coming! BTW, "Brava!" to today's post on the Feast of IC! - Should I have commented on YOUR blog in stead? I've become dizzy courtesy of bloggersphere!

  4. Jan, I was just reminded that drawing/collage of turkey done by one of your little ones. How lovely! I have to go back to look at it again. I'm hoggish over children's art. Cheers my friend!

  5. Oh, gosh . . . you know, I'm really not a celebrity. And I don't stand much on blogging formalities, though of course you're welcome to come and comment any time. Left to my own devices, I don't do the high-powered FT thing.

    I am still writing for the print magazine, with some poetry and an article slated for some upcoming issue. And I'll do the occasional On the Square piece. Mostly, though, I like blogging for myself and writing about what I want, which often isn't very FT-ish.

    I wanted to say that I'd love to hear what you have to say about art, too -- one of my children is also inclined very much that way.

  6. Sally - I have yet to come and visit your site, which I intend to do soon, but I just wanted to tell you that Izy makes everyone feel like a celebrity! She's a wonderful soul~

  7. Yes indeed. That is a wonderful gift, and an art unto itself. I'm very happy to have found her.

  8. Sally, I just got the latest paper FT, and read your The Killer Instinct and the poem. I recommended the article to my hubby, a slower reader, and promised him there would be a surprise toward the end - how the boys of your parish formed the Eucharistic Adoration society. He's always bemoaning boys not being boys in our culture.

    I can't write a poem to save my life, but "I know what I like," and I like your Snow Weather. I'm a visual reader and I think I "get" the picture :)


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