Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

The night is descending, temperature is dropping, Christmas Eve is upon us. Let us rejoice. Let us keep in our hearts the true meaning of this very night, and give thanks and sing praises (the last I will do so very silently).

Merry Christmas to all my friends whom I've come to love in this truly peculiar space wherein our paths have crossed.

To Jan, my sunny-delightful, albeit self-admittedly-sometimes-temperamental, friend: may your Christmas Eve be frozen but not your dreams; may the goddess of punctuation, and the angel of spelling be on your side always; may your pictures be forever blurry and beautiful; may your nifty-crafty Advent wreathe resurrect and stand firm; may all the juxtapositions run away from you, or, at least, run away from December.

To Sally, whom I tracked down only to find having admitted a "Seasonal Fraud:" May your writings grace First Things often, and give it the zest as only a home-schooling mom / poet could; may your little warriors and princesses grow in fearlessness, knowledge and grace; may it snow at least once again around this time next year where you live, so that you will have a timely photo of genuine snow-shrouded, fairytale house (not that I have any problem with the existing one, but that you'll never have to call it a "fraud").

To Webster and Frank: may your blog long live, and your followers grow to a million! May your two personalities be always so perfectly juxtaposed that we, your faithful readers, whenever logged in, always feel comforted and entertained, not to mentioned informed and edified.

And to everyone else who has ever set "foot" in, or simply stumbled onto this little corner of mine: may your spirit be settled and tout, your heart broad and free, your foot steady and strong; may you find whatever I humbly offer kindred to your fancies or memories. And pray for me, if you would, for the ever enlarging of my heart; and I will pray for you, for peace.


  1. What beautiful sentiments, dear Izy! Would that my heart were as pure and joyous as yours ~ I'd be a far better person. Yet, I think I will be a far better person having come to know you! Here's to a lovely, flowering friendship - cheers!

    God bless you and KDM on this glorious day!

  2. Yes, cheers to friendship! But I must confess that though my heart may be joyous most of the time, it is far, far from pure. Being Catholic and knowing the saints help me be more childlike, that, and DNA on my mother's side, may explain the joy I feel and seek.

    It's with gladness that I call you my friend, dear Jan!

  3. Thanks so much, Izy, for your kind comment on our blog! I enjoy yours very much. Anyone featuring GKC and Flannery O'Connor gets my attention right away! A blessed Feast of the Holy Family to you and yours.

  4. Webster, thanks for coming on over for a visit. And many thanks for your gift of YIM Catholic, whose gentle & reasoned tone is a needed balance to my own quick temperer and my often brash, sometimes partisan, tendencies in matters of faith as entangled in politics and cultural wars.

    When it comes to GKC and Flannery O'Connor, I reserve the right to be thoroughly unflexible and partisan and I hope you agree with me:]

  5. Thanks so much for the good wishes. I regularly offer up the (mostly unknown to me) intentions of my readers and online friends at every Mass I go to -- be assured of my prayers in the new year.

  6. Sally, thanks for coming by. I hope you're having a good stay in Memphis. Maybe too late to say, but if you see your painter sister-in-law please say "hi" and tell her I like her paintings very much. I was just a little shy about leaving a comment.

    And, your offering of intentions are much needed and appreciated. I will do the same for you.


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