Saturday, February 5, 2011

Anthony Hopkins interview with Charlie Rose

Sir Anthony Hopkins has made my heart sing, in this interview with Charlie Rose. Indeed my resolve to NOT to see the movie The Rite has been shaken.

It's almost painful to watch and listen to Charlie as he muddles around the topic of faith. It's like watching a man determined to measure a globe with a straight edge. I'm still unsure if the concept of "dark night of the soul" really penetrated Charlie's sophisticated, cosmopolitan intellect. When Hopkins credits his transformation to a person of faith to his past alcoholism, Charlie promptly suggests an analogy between that journey and the actor's cinematic career. It amuses me (as many things do to me these days, almost always leaving me inarticulate as hell) to observe Charlie's trying to put two and two together and seeing the end at the equation blurry as he counts Hopkins' splendid artistic career ending up in believing the silly Belief.

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