Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Chuck Close and What Not to Do

I ran into a fellow painter at an art party two nights ago, and told him about the Anthony Hopkins interview with Charlie Rose. He returned the info with Charlie Rose's interview with Chuck Close, the marvel of a painter. I just finished watching it on Rose's site.

The seasoned painter had many wise things to say, of which I could mull over all day, but the most resounding bit was about the importance of "not to do" some things. To set (or construct in Close's words) limits, to know what one will NOT do is more essential than what one can do, has become the most significant lesson I've learned in the past few years. It sort of came to me like an epiphany applicable to both my art and spiritual combat.

I know I'm not being very articulate or clear about this. I need do a better job explain myself on that. But it's like many suddenly stumbled upon treasures, I fear not to do their service by explaining them. Sometimes I'd rather be vague.

This is not a "wet-in-your-pants" kind of artist, he does not emote all over you. (Notice all the negatives in that sentence?)

A good watch on a snow day. Our cattle look like buffaloes on some Tibetan plateaus.

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