Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Day

Snowed in.

And, snowed in again, tomorrow. Confirmed.

Yesterday I went in the classroom with my new lesson plan. The first installment went over like a charm. We did what I told my second graders "silly drawings." What would you call drawing parallel lines in curves, zigzags, waves, dots, or "puffy triangles," "marsh-mellow squares," "fluffy trapezoids"? Or calling the erasing of temporary lines "hiding your tracks"?

I had them excited about the more "serious drawing" that was to come in the next installment. At the end of the class, the kids were chanting "No snow tomorrow! No snow tomorrow!"

No school and two days in a row. The "silly drawings" were preparation for the more "serious one." Will they remember the "tricks"when they come back to the classroom?

I did have some fun making a clay bowl for the Empty Bowls fundraiser.

Then again, I was also half-hoping for no school tomorrow, that means I get to Skype with my Mama and the rest gang of kin in China, on the Eve of the Spring Festival. With thirteen-hour time difference, their midnight is 11:00am here.

As of now, I'm missing my dear friend Jan, whom I haven't heard from a while. And the latest post on her blog Runs with Angels is from more than a week ago. It reads like the John Lennon song "Cold Turkey," with its opening line "Fever's high..." Suffices it to say that I'm a bit concerned.

Over and out - like Jan would say.

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