Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Vice or Must-have?

This internet shopping thing is a vice. I hate to think what goes through the head of our mailman, who has known and been a friend of KDM's for several decades. You see, we live on the rural route; our mailbox is a quarter of a mile downhill from our house. Whenever something comes in the mail that exceeds the capacity of the standard mailbox, the mailman has to drive to our front door, honk, and if no one answers, step out to leave the package(s) on the door step or the swing chair.

And he has had to do that A LOT lately. If he suspects that his old buddy is married to a shopaholic, I can't blame him.

Since I can see this is just going to be a dry, hot, blah day, and since I'm in somewhat a confessional mood, I'll list my latest orders:

Book 1: How to Cook without a Book, by Pam Anderson (to understand the inner workings of food so I would never, ever, need recipes again.)

Book 2: Perfect Recipes for Having People Over, by Pam Anderson (for calming my paranoia over entertaining, and to compensate my grief for not winning the 3-day weekend with Pam Anderson at Ree Drummond's ranch). 

Book 3: The Power and the Glory (yes, Jan, one of those books I've never read; and for a glimpse into the inner workings of an imperfect priest), by Graham Greene

Book 4: The Dog of the South, by Charles Portis (to accumulate credits of fanship for the author of True Grit)

Not-a-book:  a couple of pan scrapers (to fill the purchase gap in order to get free-shipping; and yes, I just maybe perhaps possibly most definitely need them too!)

Yes, internet shopping may be a vice, but can't you see that I can't possibly live without these things?


  1. Oh!Oh! We have The Dog of the South!! I haven't read it yet, though. I probably won't. Too busy reading the really good writers, like Charlaine Harris, Debbie Macomber and Kristin Hannah!

    Shameful, I know!

  2. I'm completely ignorant of all these writers you named. Should I check them out? Maybe we should both finish Dog of the South in 2011.

  3. These ladies write various types of romance in varying shades of...heat, shall we say?? Kristin Hannah writes exquisitly moving, gut-wrenching, heart-wrenching love stories. Harris writes the comedic vampire 'Dead' series which I got into cuz I loved the covers! Macomber writes the Cedar Cove series and about a bazillion others. Maybe you've heard of Mrs Miracle? Thats Debbie Macomber. I'm writing this on my Kindle. It's hard!


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