Sunday, October 25, 2009

Brand New Self-portrait

Here's the new self-portrait - fresh off the easel, wet paint and all. It took me about 12 hours to finish, and probably is my best under the pressure of a deadline: the opening of a group show next Sunday.

Although I seldom include narratives in my work, I'm not averse to sprinkling a few biographical hints or self-references here and there. I certainly felt justified to do so in a self-portrait. So look for the two books of considerable influence in my overall artistic thinking: The Habit of Being, letters by Flannery O'Connor, and Art in Its Own Terms, a collection of essays by Fairfield Porter. The latter is especially apropos with Porter's self portrait on its cover. Then there's my Chesterton coffee mug handsomely sporting the likeness of the Big Man and the quote "Daybreak is a never-ending glory...getting out of bed is a never-ending nuisance." Well, neither likeness nor quote is clearly seen in my painting, but then, the hint isn't intended for the uninitiated in the first place.

Next time I will write more about the creation of the portrait, e.g. the formal choices and arrangements, etc. For now I have to get out of here: will be traveling in a few hours - you know how it is, the pre-travel chaos.
Till next time...

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