Saturday, October 10, 2009

new at blogging, moving along!

My first day blogging, and first posts of my paintings, and it worked! Amazing!

The Striped Table Cloth, oil on canvas, 30"x40", 2009
Whisper: I love to paint still lifes (or lives?)

Bacon & Grease, oil on canvas, 24"x30", 2009
Whisper: I painted this picture to experiment the fluid paint quality, and finished it in just a little over an hour - what fun!

Red Stripe, oil on canvas, 16"x20", summer 2009
Whisper: beer bottles left behind by my sister-in-law, who visited us on the farm. I have a weakness for commercial bottles. I have a hard time throwing them away perceiving a potential painting I could get out of each. I'm a hoarder of bottles.

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