Friday, October 30, 2009

Paintings for the Season!

Just took a day trip to Iowa and back! That's right, we left the house early Monday morning, drove through much drain and fog, arrived in Iowa at sundown, took care of some business for which the trip was taken, turned our diesel truck around and headed homeward. No, we didn't drive around the clock. About 1:30AM, Tuesday, we decided it was time to take a snooze. We found a Wal-Mart parking lot, pulled next to some truckers (the Big Boys as called by KDM, AKA my hubby), spread out the two blankets we had packed, positioned ourselves as comfortable as we could manage inside the non-extended cab, with raindrops hitting the roof and windows, we slowly drifted into the ZZZ land.

Ok, I really didn't set out writing about the trip, although I REALLY, REALLY would like to write about the thousand of things percolated through my mind, hyped up by the colors which filled my eyes, and the epiphanies prompted by the rosaries. I just don't have the time yet. Don't ask me where my time has gone. I either don't have the answer, or if I did, all you need is see my sheepish face.

Since I can't write much, I'll just post a few paintings I made a couple of years ago. The current weathers are so similar to the ones I braved while painting these. So here, if I may be so self-important as to presume someone looking in on my little nook, enjoy the pictures, and step into the mood of the season!

Have yourself a very daring and happy, All-Saints Day weekend!

Approaching Storm, oil on rag paper, 16"x20", 2007 (Private Collection)
Whisper: hay pasture of our farm, painted on a cold, autumn day. My fingers were stiff and my nose running from the cold air. Had to fold quickly as the looming storm threatened to topple my easel.

Pasture with Tickleweed, oil on rag paper, 16"x20", 2007 (Private Collection)
Whisper: same hay pasture on more serene day

Trees Near the Pond, oil on rag paper, 16"x20", 2007 (Private Collection)

Cold Pond, oil on rag paer, 16"x20", 2007
Whisper: pond in the "side pasture" near my house; it was a COLD day, that's it.

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