Friday, May 13, 2011

Just a quick update on my idea of painting the windows to save the birds: it bombed. I painted some flowers on one and geometric shapes on another. It was only then when I realized how wonderful it was to have large, CLEAR, unobtrusive, completely TRANSPARENT, glass panes on the windows! Both KDM and I decided we couldn't live with the painted eyesores. The end result of my endeavor was that the windows received several washings on a single day.

I have moved on with other ideas to alert the birds that those big, inviting skies and dark foliages they see in the glass are illusions. In the meantime I keep my fingers crossed and pray that the birds smart up before my help arrives.

And in the mean-mean-time, I've found this YouTube vid on one of my favorite American painters, Milton Avery, whose work never ceases to pleasure and startle my eyes and mind. I don't much care for the music, though. I watched it on silent:

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