Thursday, May 12, 2011

On My Calendar

For the coming two weeks:

  1. One First Communion, which I'm hoping and praying won't turn out just a photo-op.  But it really isn't my business to worry. Or, maybe it is.
  2. One church carnival, the occasion for justified /compulsive impulsive shopping and eating. We're known suckers here. I had the pleasure to be introduced to funnel cake just a few years ago. 
  3. One baby shower slated in a town about 100 miles away.
  4. One wedding reception/party the attendants of which are mostly likely arty brie-eating people, some of whom like to wear shoes of different colors, on the same day, one on each foot. I fear for KDM.  But it will be on the same day as Number 3. We still have our options.
  5. Three birthdays to send card/present to; probably just presents. We're hardly card people.
  6. One birthday party to attend where we will see people who are known not to enjoy the sight of us.
  7. One veterinarian appointment to dread because the dog is neither leash-trained nor knows how to get in the back of the truck on its own.
  8. One group painting session to consider
  9. Several boxes of mail to expect from various parts of the country, brought to me by eBay.
What's on your calendar? Feel free to scatter them in the comment section. And yes, I want to know.


  1. Bummer - how did I miss this post???? Well, yesterday my calendar would have looked much more exciting. Now, the biggest thing on there, in BIG RED LETTERS is, "clean the basement which flooded from the child leaving the water tap on outside, which ruined lots of things."

    And that, after one and a half busy days away from home!

  2. Oh my. I'm feeling for you. Hope for no major, irreparable damages.


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