Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Late, but not Never

This hasn't been a smooth day - the iPhoto application on my laptop went berserk. I un-installed and re-installed the operation system, downloaded and reloaded the program itself, each several times in between painting, laundering, and cooking. When I finally got it back to behave and accept photos from the camera, it was almost 10:00PM. I'm not sure how I got it back to work, though. It's a computer software, you know. You can't sit it down, hand it a cup of water, and say to it: "Well, now, tell me, what was the matter?"

The smartest computer is still stupider than Homo sapiens, it can't say "I've decided not to release the photos."

And all I ever wanted was to show you this:

Hot Cross Buns made on Good Friday, by me.

In both getting it posted and the timeliness of the subject matter, it's better late than never. That sums up my day.

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