Friday, February 1, 2013

Catholic School Week Art

Here's what we did last year -

It's hung in the hall of the school. There are total of twenty-four 8"x8" canvases in the icon, painted by 24 students in acrylic. 

Here's what we did this year - 

I was given the small digital print on the left by the school. On the right is the copy I painted in gouache from the print, on broken pieces of paper of 4"x4", tacked to a hard board by double-stickies made of masking tape. It took me about 22 hours to finish. I even worked on it under the flu (it's okay, I don't need roses for that).

A closer view of the copy. A square was assigned to each
of the 24 students, who collected paper from magazines
based on colors seen in their own square. They then cut
and pasted the one-inch squares on an 8"x8" canvas assigned
them. Each student had 64 squares to fill in with cut paper.
After three days intense cutting and pasting and searching for the perfect color to match, we put all 24 canvases together in order today. This was how it looked. After placing the canvases on the floor, I took the photo standing on a table. That explains the converging seams - the camera wasn't quit "square" with the assemblage. The finished size is 32"x48", same as the icon from last year.


  1. What a fun and fabulous teacher you are!! I love that concept- I'm gonna tell my daughter-the-teacher about that!

    1. Thank you Pal. The idea came from a painter I admire: Chuck Close, who paints gigantic portraits in the grid system. While viewed up close, each grid is an abstract design. When your daughter-the-teacher is ready to give it a try, I can send the lesson plan.


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