Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Show Up

Resumed my humble exercise routine starting today. My students will never hear me admit this: commitment to routine is not my strength. Well, that may be the understatement of the month. In fact, I am very sloppy at stick-to-it-ed-nesses.

But that's just what I tell my students to aspire. Keep up the efforts and keep the faith. There's no shortcut to the mastery of color and painting. Inspiration is overrated, the important thing is to show up to work everyday.

Attendance is slipping in the fourth week of school. It always does. Absences annoy me greatly. So outwent a nasty email to the entire class from me yesterday, with threats to drop anyone who misses more than four classes.

It's one of the upsides of teaching: motivation by the shame factor to practice what you preach.

Off to the studio to paint.

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  1. I agree, inspiration is over rated. Discipline is more important. You're young Izy, at least I think you are. Discipline comes with age.


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