Monday, February 11, 2013

The Tired Papa

Okay, Papa, we hear you, we understand you, we bless you - 

Magnificat, the publication I use as a prayer aid, features a daily meditation written by various spiritual men and women. While reading it, I often play a game with myself which I secretly call "guess who is the author." I try not to peek at the name at the end of the piece, but to guess who wrote it by the author's style, tone and voice. I can always tell when it is the work of the holy father. Why? Clarity, logic, gentleness, firmness, just to name a top few qualities. No superfluousness, no platitude, no arrogance, no preachiness. My reaction is always "Wow, I must think what he is drawing me to think, and I must think it through, and I must not delay the thinking."


  1. I'm going to have to try that game myself. But I'm not good with religious writings. Now if it was classical literature I would do very well. But you're right about B16's writing.

  2. Many, I need to make it clear that I can only recognize a handful of these writers. It's easier for me to recognize B16's writing because he addresses contemporary issues, and of course because he's consistently lucid and right on target regarding these issues.


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