Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Deep in the Dust

A few nights ago we were under tornado watch till past midnight. Somewhat out-of-character-ly KDM suggested that we cleaned out one of the closets for safety in case the tornado thing got real. When I started taking out clothes and more than a few other items whose reason for being in the closet was obscure to me, I lamented our repeated failure to un-clutter and downsize our living. Why so much junk? KDM concurred with my sentiment.

The tornadoes did not materialize. But the closet "junk" didn't return to the closet, either. What followed, as the day followed the stormy night, was a full-blown closet-cleaning. And up to this moment, as I write, I'm not done yet, with stuff/junk spilling all over the domicile, this after several trips to the dump and recycle, one trip to the Goodwill Store, and a number of boxes labeled "yard sale" and neatly stacked up in the mud porch (we don't do yard sales around here, nobody comes out to the boonies  for junk. We give these to city relatives).

And, all this, is taking place between nursing a newly turned up stray/dropped off puppy (she's no older than five weeks), and the fits and starts of my allergy attacks which are still keeping me sleepless despite the 24/7 humming of the air purifiers.

She is due to appear in the Sunday Classifieds in local paper, under "FREE to good home". KDM and I are trying not to get attached, which, is VERY hard.


  1. Ohhhhhh, she's adorable. Maybe it's a good thing I don't live near you . . . Hope she finds a loving home.

    Happy Easter, anyway!

  2. I would have called you had you lived near, and you would have adored her. Two older teenage girls took her and they seemed to be thrilled with her. I think she's in good hands but I was heart-broken to let her go. I've never felt so close to a puppy although I had her but a week. I still wake up at night missing her.

    A belated Happy Easter, to you!


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