Friday, April 8, 2011

A Few Photos

This is what our dinning table looks like today. It looked the same way yesterday, and the day before. Hopefully this is the last day it looks like this:

A painting is in progress based on this stetup.

Since I'm not posting the painting in progress, you may have a peek at the paint. In case you are wondering about the "Jif" lid - it's just a cover for a tuna fish can with paint thinner in it:

And this next photo has nothing to do with the above two. When I was painting at the dinning table the other day, KDM came in and told me that there was a "lawn mower" out in our front yard, and that it wasn't even ours. Turned out to be just a neighbor's cow taking a stroll on a nice day and stopped by to visit:

Now I'm going back to finishing that painting in progress so that we could eat dinner at the dinner table tonight. 

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  1. Well, I will enjoy seeing the painting when you are done, but I gotta tell you - I love, love, love that palette! Great colors, great composition.



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