Tuesday, April 5, 2011

It Worked!

Why every house doesn't have at least one air purifier but every one has at least one TV? That was my question to KDM when I got up this morning. He replied that perhaps it is looked at as "sissy" to have, not mention to broadcast that you have, an air purifier in your house. It would be like admitting that you can't handle air as it is; owning a TV, on the other hand, is sinful therefore macho and dignified. I stopped brushing my teeth midway to stare at him, over-powered by this analysis.

But what do I care? I have fresh air in the house and I can breathe, on both sides of my nose.

Yesterday was a throwaway. I'm going to have to make it up today. A cool but beautiful day already full of big, bright, white light.

Have a good one for yourself, too.

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