Monday, April 4, 2011

FB Findings

Due to the goofy sensations of dizziness, I'm not doing much today. So I let myself do something I've been abstaining from since the beginning of Lent, I opened my Facebook page. There were pictures of a vacationing relative couple taken on their tropical cruise. They cheered me up and reminded me of Duane Hanson's sculptures. The said couple are by no means as plump, but the appearances, especially the touristy getups, bear striking resemblances. The knack of uncanny life-likenss is Mr. Hanson's ticket to magic. Take a look for yourself. More images can be seen on the website of Saatchi Gallery. What I'm posting are via the same site.


Duane Hanson

Tourists II

fibreglass and mixed media, with accessories

life size

And this, my favorite, which might just turn out to be self-portrait in a few years: 

Duane Hanson

Flea Market Vendor

polychromed bronze, with accessories

life size

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