Monday, April 4, 2011


Literally woke up with a light-headedness. When I first got up I felt a goofy sensation in my head and feet, an unfamiliar dizziness. I got downstairs and sat down and could feel my ears were doing something funny too: not ringing but  whatever sound came through did as if it reached through waves of wind or water. When I tried to get up from the chair my head felt big and airy and fluffy. 

Then I realized that for the past 5, 6 nights I hadn't had a normal, sound sleep. My seasonal allergies had started and I began to take medicines, the kind with a D attached to its brand name, somewhere between OTC and Prescription. You have to show your ID to the pharmacist to get it, in limited quantity. I've been using it for two years and thank goodness every time I take it for the relief it gives me, especially at bedtime, when the nasal congestion use to keep me miserable all night prior to the advent of this wonder medicine. 

Once I realized that I was having dizziness, I began to connect the dots surfacing in my sleep pattern during the past 5, 6 nights, wherein I felt neither totally asleep nor totally awake, with these slow-churning imageries running in circles in my head. Some were like dreams, others were my own thoughts fixated on one things or another, audible and quarrelsome. One night I "heard" myself making a point about kid's artwork, with repeated efforts, saying the same point over and over, like a broken record. The night before it was a scene of the principal at my parish school letting students in and out of a large auditorium, all the same time exchanging pleasantries with me about school and weather... It went on and on, over and over, like a slide-show on auto pilot, with no exit...The whole time I was aware of the fact of sleep, of dreaming, of wanting it to stop. I don't even remember what it was like last night, before I got up with the dizziness. I do remember dreaming of the dreams. Crazy. 

So I got on the Internet and looked up side effects of this particular medicine, and found "dizziness," "drowsiness," and "trouble in sleep," among others. 

Still dizzy here. I'm doing laundry, going about my business from room to room, pretending nothing wrong with this cotton-candy head bobbing over my shoulders. But I can tell you that I won't be driving nothing today. 

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