Monday, April 4, 2011

Fresher Air

Three posts in a row - I said I wasn't doing much.

Well, here's some development following my little dizzy spell early today. KDM must have gotten tired of my yearly episodes of ceaseless sneezing, nose-blowing, eye-rubbing, sleep-walking (not literally) and other miseries induced by the dense pollen in the air. This in spite of my tender loving cares of him while he was hit with a nasty cold, just this past week, during which I even made him chicken-dumpling soup besides making him swallow three packets of Theraflu with much coaxing and coercions. In a heartbeat he decided that we were getting us an air purifier, one per floor level. So off we went to the store, bought the first one we spotted on the shelf which happened to be a two-unit combo. As soon as we got home KDM went right to work and in no time he had the smaller one running in the living area. It's been running about three hours now, and I'm already feeling the cotton candy with all its gauze being sucked away from me, restoring me to my former crystal-clear-headed self. I'm breathing easier too and I don't care if it's placebo effect, I can live with it either way. At this rate I will lay off the medicine whose brand name ends with a D as soon as tonight, when the other, bigger unit is turned on just a few feet away from my bed.

You may say I'm full of hope.


  1. See Izy. Izy is dizzy. Dizzy, dizzy Izy.

    Izy is little. Little Izy. Little, dizzy Izy.


    Feel better!

  2. Hahaha! You're the one!! Loving it.


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